Study Abroad

International Study Program

The best way to understand another culture, to have a broad and authentic worldview, is to experience, to connect with, for a prolonged period. This also encourages a deeper understanding of our own cultures as we interact with and learn from others.  

Students to China:

- Culture Study & Experience

- Internship, Occupation Practical Training.

- Obtain your under & graduate degree or certificates in China

- Scholar Exchange & Visit Program

*: We bridge Chinese and International companies for students and sponsor American Students for China culture experience program.  

Students to U.S.A:

- Ocean Stu

- Law Study & Interns


- Am Culture & College Study Intensive Program


- Disney Youth Program 


- TOEFL Waiver College Program

- American Class Experience

- Visiting scholar exchange program.

- Summer & Winter Camp

- High School Exchange & Study Program.


Teaching English in China:


- Short term part time teaching


- Full time teaching



Home Stay Program:


- Hosting Family applicationdy Camp


- Home Stay application

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*:Logistic arrangement available upon request. Please call: (626) 376-0836