About Us


CIE Institute (also know as CIE Institute of Resources), a proud member of NAFSA, was established in 1993.  As partner of many public and private schools and organization, including CalStates, USC, UC, Harvard, Rand and many industrial institutes and public organizations in the U.S., and we are also representative over 500 schools in China. CIE is engaged in providing the best education solution and GUANXI promotion for executives, traiinees, international researchers, students, and all organizations, which include senior executives program, professional research or certificattion program. CIE is also dedicated to Study Abroad Program, international intern, exchange program and summer camp.  We sponosr indivadual in international education exchange program.



To provide the best integrated education resources for those who want to obtain professional knowledge and special skills;

To deliver the best solution for foreign students who come to the United State for further education;

To sponsor and encourage students study abroad and experience diversified culture and tradition in other countries;



To be a timely bridge to help you reaching the destiny;

To provide most appropriate education solution for those who want to enrich personal and professional experience;


Core Value:

Commitment, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Teamwork;


Dean: Dr. G.Colboth

Provost: Dr. Huanchang Su

Associate Dean:Dr. R. Mobrez, Charlie Yan (Ph.D Candidate),


China Program Outreach in Charge: Professor Lianxiang Wang




Contact Info.:
Tel: (310) 868-9068  China hotline:
(+86) 13121868637
(626) 919-7777
E-Mail: info@cie-edu.us  eccusa@aol.com