Degree and Certificate Training Program

-Bank & Finance Management

Including: Finance Management, Investment Risk Control, Credit Management, Insurance Policy, Balanced life & work, etc.

-EMBA for Real Estate Developers and China SASAC Seniors Executives

-MBA and MPA Fast Track Program

-Executive Leadership Program

In the area of Environment, Human Resources, Leadership & Vision, Public Policy, Healthcare, OSHA, Logistics Management, Education, etc.

-Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding

-Medical Terminology


-Public Security Judicial Program

 Law enforcement, prosecutors, Judges, Lawyers, etc.

Skill Training Certificate Program 

  • Animation
  • OHSA
  • Phlebotomist Certificate
  • RCFE
  • Hospitatily Fast Track

*: Some of above programs are associated with Calstate, USC, UC and other school and organizations


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Lecturers & Instructors:

Dr. Gary Colboth, Dr. E. Milecki, Dr. R. Koo, Dr. A. Karkia, Mr. J. O’Toll, Dr. J. Yan, Prof. C. Stapleton, Dr. Karber, Dr. Norman, Mr. C. Yan, Dr. Milton, Ms. E. Li, Mr. Robert Fernandez, Dr.Mike Casner, Dr. Li Yi…etc.

 *: Teachers above are part of CIE teaching faculty team


Program Coordinators:

Prof. LX Wang, Peter Liu, Sunny Tsie, Benny Shea